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Ahmir "AJ"
Owner/Master Barber

Meet Ahmir, also known as AJ, the mastermind behind Quality Crowns Barbershop. With scissors as his paintbrush and your hair as the canvas, Ahmir's talent is as evident as his passion for the craft.

His 6 year journey from a small-town barber to a respected entrepreneur in the industry is a testament to his dedication and skill. He's always in tune with the latest trends and turns ordinary haircuts into extraordinary experiences. Step into his chair, and you'll leave with a cut that's not just stylish but an expression of your personality.

From the buzz of clippers, to the buzz of satisfied customers, Quality Crowns Barbershop will be the new heart of style in Rockledge/Viera. Ahmir looks forward to bringing positive energy and a great place for family and friends. Come hangout with team and get a fresh cut while doing it!

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